The company and the drug: EmeraMed Ltd is a biotechnology firm developing the lipophilic, blood-brain-barrier passing metal chelator and antioxidant Irminix® (Code: NBMI, INN: Emeramide).


  • COPD: A Phase 2a clinical trial will be completed summer 2018.
  • Mercury poisoning: Orphan Drug Designation has been granted for the Prevention and Treatment of Mercury toxicity in the EU and USA. Phase 1 and Phase 2a clinical studies have been performed.
  • Other conditions: Preclinical studies ongoing for other indications.

Early access/Individual Patient treatments:  There are a growing number of approvals and shippings to Switzerland, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, UK, Lebanon and the USA  for Individual Patient use. For more information – please click above.

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Warning – Chinese NBMI/Emeramide sold illegally in EU & USA

Irminix®/NBMI/Emeramide is a patented drug. A drug needs an approval from FDA or EMA in order to be sold legally. A drug needs to be manufactured according to rigorous quality standards set by the FDA or EMA. The Chinese powder that is usurping our drug name has none of the safeguards required by the US and EU and is illegal. Furthermore, the illegal Chinese product poses a health threat. 

No one knows what chemicals are actually in the illegal Chinese powder or what additives are contaminating it. The tube to the right in the photo shows what happens when trying to dissolve the Chinese product. The solution in the Chinese product should have been clear like our pharmaceutical grade product shown in the left tube. Just like with any other illegal drug shipped into EU and USA, EmeraMed cannot vouch for the safety and purity of the chemicals used in the Chinese manufacturing process or the composition and safety of the residues left from the process.   
One needs to be sure what one puts into one’s body. 

The companies selling NBMI/Emeramide are now being reported to the FDA and EMA.

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